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Leverage demand from big-name advertisers, established brands and top-notch DSPs across the world. Our large advertiser base allows you to connect to a variety of premium demand sources, each competing to win your inventory. More competition implies better income!


Leverage our extremely rewarding Landing Page URLs, XML Feeds and JS Tags. We offer you an array of pricing models to choose from. You can select from different models like CPC, CPM, CPV, and CPUV

We understand the supreme importance of audience insights. Our granular reporting and real-time tracking ensures that you understand your audience better.

Explore targeting options like Geo-targeting to display your ads as per the users’ location, and get optimized results.

AdCanny offers you the best eCPM’s across the industry along with the highest fill rates to maximize your revenues.

Our team ensures that you receive on-time & hassle-free payments every month!

Publishers Transparent and Real-time Reports

Transparent and Real-time Reports

Our programmatic platform gives you transparent and granular reports which gets you accurate and real-time data about your visitors.

High fill rates and eCPM’s

High Fill Rates and Best eCPM’s

Our wide range of supply partners and premium publishers ensures that you get the best value for your inventory.

Referral Points( 5% )

Referral Points( 5% )

If you like our services, make it a point to refer us to your friends and colleagues. If they join us, we will reward you with referral points!

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