Leverage a wide range of models like CPC, CPM, CPV & CPUV to suit your requirements!

Advertiser Offerings

Being a premium ad network, AdCanny is trusted by the top-notch SSPs and Publisher networks. Our self-serve platform offers a variety of customization options to personalize your backend to suit your business needs and help you onboard new clients.


We bring you a wide network of supply sources from all across the globe. Our programmatic platform ensures quick implementation of your campaigns and offers daily campaign reviews along with transport and granular reporting.

We have been successfully serving more than 500 Million pop-ups, over 2 Billion impressions, and over 1.5 Million clicks per day. Our platform is connected to over 3,500 publishers and premium supply sources. We have successfully run offers and campaign promotions through JS tags, XML feeds, POP links & Landing Page URL’s.

We have partnered with industry’s leading fraud prevention and brand safety providers to ensure that you never have to worry about the safety of your brand or worry about your budgets being spent fraudulently.

AdCanny offers you a wide range of targeting options based on parameters like IP, Country, Domain, Browser and Browser Version, OS and OS version, Keyword Targeting, and so on.

Our dedicated team offers you personalized assistance, ensuring that you get all the back end support you need. We also provide dedicated and daily account servicing.

Advertisers Budget & Quality optimization

Budget Friendly Campaign Optimization

Need the best campaign optimization but worried about the budget? Your search ends here!

Reliable reporting and ad serving

Transparent and Real-Time Reporting

Our granular, real-time and transparent reports provide valuable insights and our precise ad serving helps to implement your strategy flawlessly!

Earn referral points

Earn Referral Points

If you like our services, do recommend us to your friends and if they join us, we will credit you with some extra brownie points!

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